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John Quirk
2004-06-20, 05:05
I don't weigh so much... But I would go so far as to say that not being able
to access the BBC radio channels via Slim is preventing me buying any more
players, particularly for the kitchen. You gotta be able to listen to the
radio in the kitchen, and Radio 2, 4 and 6 are essential as far as I'm

If this is to be made available though, it has got to be reliable and easy
to access, it must be something which can be done easily from the player,
and from the web interface, and must not require any interaction with an app
on the desktop, otherwise my wife won't have it and I'll get quickly fed up
with it.

The BBC are a pain for not broadcasting in MP3, you'd have thought they
would do with their remit being to reach as many as possible, but I recall
this has been discussed here in very great length before.


I'll add a bit more weight maybe.

I'd also love to be able to stream the BBC RM channels to me Squeezebox.


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Paul wrote:

> Alienstream looks to be fantastic - with this I could listen to the BBC
> via Squeezebox.
> Please, has anyone compiled Alienstream for Windows ?
> Pretty please, can someone with the skills and tool do so ??

I asked just this question about two weeks ago:


but had no response. Now that there are two of us perhaps we
can dig up Matthew Grooms of the defunct geocities link? :-)

Daryle A. Tilroe