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2004-06-19, 14:37
I also have reproduceable problems with the iTunes settings, it only works when I set it to "specify iTunes library locations", with the automati discovery it doesn't work. I am using XP Pro SP1 and also W2000 SP4 with the same effect. Following some instructions on the forum, I checked the registry setting but it was apparently correct. Somehow the automatic discovery doesn't seem to read correctly this registry setting. In any case once the path is set manually everything works fine.


Dan Speirs <dspeirs (AT) yahoo (DOT) com> wrote:
Dean, this still doesn't work. What are all your
other settings that pertain to the music folder or
iTunes? Is your itunes install on the same drive as
your music folder? mine isn't, maybe that is the
problem here?


Hi Dan,

Try setting the path to your Music Folder to the
folder containing your
iTunes Music Library.xml file. On my system this is:

C:\Documents and Settings\dean\My Documents\My Music\

Let us know if this works for you.

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