View Full Version : Compliment to Logitech support

2009-08-18, 10:10
Normaly most people in forums write about their problems. So something from the other side...

I got a brand new transporter a few weeks ago. Very nice, very good sound but now and then some problems with noise form the transnav knob. It often degausses and makes some ticking and clicking. So I wrote to support to ask if there is a workaround or firmware update or something else to get things better. We mailed some times in both direction and the support decided to replace the unit.
This was the timeline: One week until I could send my transporter to Logitech and at the end of the next week I got a new unit.

So here I am, very happy with a grave quiet and very good sounding new transporter.

Big compliments to Logitech for this fast and uncomplicated help from a satisfied customer!