View Full Version : Adding mp4/aac files in MusicIP

2009-08-16, 13:11
The MusipIP forums have been down for a least a week, so I've come here to seek help. I have been unsuccessfully trying to add mp4/AAC files (unprotected) to both the headless and the Mixer versions of MusicIP 1.8.
I'm running Squeezecenter 7.3.4 on Fedora 4 Linux. MusicIP doesn't seem to see the mp4 files. I am able to play mp4 files with Squeezecenter. Anyone familiar with this problem?

2009-08-16, 17:56
Yes.. I think I am familiar with this. Not sure if this is the same issue, but for me MusicIP seems to recognise and scan all of my music, but Squeezecenter only recognises MP3 files as being able to mix with MusicIP. Any AAC or Apple Lossless/MP4 files play just fine in SC but do not allow you to play MusicIP mixes (ie the M icon is not shown on the GUI).

Sorry I cannot help, just maybe join a bit of moral support. I have not worried about it because I have kind of given up on MusicIP anyway. I would love something like this to work, but it never really has for me. Integration of iTunes Genius into SC would be even better.


2009-08-17, 03:21
As far as I know mp4/m4a/aac files are not supported in the Linux version of MusicIP, only the Windows version supports these formats.