View Full Version : Vista & itunes playlists

2009-08-14, 20:29
A while ago, I installed Squeezecenter onto my Vista machine. I have my itunes music library in my public folder (public music) so I can more easily share it with other computers on my local network. However, for some reason, Squeezecenter doesn't want to recognize the itunes library or itunes music library files in the public folders (it will recognize the music files, however). After hours with a technician on the phone, I came to the conclusion that if I copied my music library file to my non-public folder, and pointed the squeezecenter playlist to that folder, it would recognize the playlists. Of course, this was sort of a crappy fix, as it wasn't a dynamic relationship between itunes and squeezecenter.

Alas, my computer since crashed, and now I reinstalled everything on my hard drive. Now, I can't get my itunes playlists to load into squeezecenter from anywhere. I can get all the music, but none of the playlists.

I'd appreciate any help anyone can give me