View Full Version : SqueezeBox Settings After Power Off

2009-08-14, 18:27
I have an annoying problem in that if the PC with SqueezeCenter is off and the power to the Squeezebox is restored after power off, it asks to confirm all the network settings and then after that it just says it can't connect to SqueezeCenter. It doesn’t ask to confirm the settings after power off (power removed - not just on/off) when the SqueezeCenter is reachable. Obviously I know it can't talk to SqueezeCenter because its off, and having to confirm all the network settings is annoying, but that also renders the Squeezebox unusable. I can't select any other menu's to select an Internet radio or favourite or anything.....just keeps saying cant connect to SqueezeCenter. Is this really by design.......surely I should still be able to use independently. Please could someone let me know.

2009-08-14, 21:29
The Boom needs to connect to a server.

It can be your local server, or it can be Squeezenetwork. If you want to listen to Internet Radio, just hold the 'left' button down until you get to network settings and choose Squeezenetwork if your PC is off.

2009-08-15, 02:22
One of the great things about this forum/community is that most of the issues you come across have already been considered and solutions/workarounds found. Have a look at the Server Power Control plugin which has an option to automatically switch to Squeezenetwork when shutting down.