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Joshua R. Smith
2004-06-18, 12:08
The nightly update did it. Thanks a 10^6!!


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static is indicative of reversed endian (byte-swapping). This should be
in teh recent nightlies. Try installing the lastest and let us know if
solves the problem.


you will want the EXE version, and it should install nicely over your
isntall without having to uninstall. However, if you dont mind
uninstalling, it
is always the nicest way to go, just to be 100.1% sure :)


Quoting "Joshua R. Smith" <jrs68 (AT) humboldt (DOT) edu>:

> I have kind of fixed this. I found lame.exe and put it in the proper
> folder. Now I can play one of my albums, but the rest turn into
> Any ideas on what is going on?
> Again - I am guessing this has been discussed - I just don't know how
> search the archives.
> Thanks in advance-
> Josh
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> Subject: [slim] WMA issues
> I am guessing that this has been addressed, but I am new, and the
> archives are not searchable.
> I have slim server running on my XP laptop wirelessly connected to a
> router. I also have a XP desktop wired to the router. Both have
> local (local DHCP) IPs. I can stream mp3s in my collection, but when I
> attempt to play a wma file it will load the file into the playlist,
> it won’t play the file. On both the local and remote computer winamp
> will show the name of the song that is supposed to play, but it never
> plays, nor does the server window in the browser show that it is
> – i.e it says that it is stopped. Again – this works for mp3s. I
> that my wma collection is not write protected. I also have the wma
> conversion turned on in the server prefs and I am running the latest
> (5.1.5) version.
> Thank you in advance-
> Josh
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