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2009-08-12, 12:00
I'm posting this in the general forum as it covers various diferent hardwares.

My Dad purchased a SB classic and QNAP 209 a while ago and had issues with the combination so gave me the QNAP.

He then used a small form PC to run SlimServer on and everything was playing fine. He then upgraded SlimServer to SqueezeCentre and then when he was playing MP3 tracks on the SB every now and then there would be a crack/squelch (what ever you want to call it) so he went back to SlimServer and had no (and I me NO) issues at all.

In the meantime I upgraded the QNAP and ran it on my SB for about a year without any issues.

Now I've upgraded to a QNAP 239 so given him his 209 back.

I've not changed the software (firmware or SC) since I have been using it and yes you guessed it within an hour of playing tracks off it the cracking is back.

I've checked one of the tracks that it occured on and it's just MP3 256KBs and 44100Hz. and played it on a PC with no cracking.

He is using both the analogue and digital outupts (to two different devices) and the crack occurs on both devices.

If anyone can help me get to the bottom of this then I'll buy them a drink!

2009-08-13, 08:58
Some suggestions - in no particular order...
If the TS-209 and installed software worked with your setup, it's unlikely the problem is with that. This leaves either your dad's Classic or network at fault.

You could check your dads SB Classic by taking it over to your house (assuming you live close enough) and trying it out with your TS-239/network system. If the problem still shows, it's probably a hardware or firmware issue with the Classic.

If his Classic is OK, the problem may be with your dads network setup - this isn't uncommon, particularly if wireless connections are used. You could check it out by taking your SB over to his house and trying it out there. You know your SB worked with his TS-209 so it will work at his home as well if the network is OK.

If both the SB and network check out OK, it may mean there's a problem in another part of the audio chain. Probably worth checking that out first by connecting something like a CD player to the Hi-Fi audio inputs and listening to a few CD's - use the same inputs as the SB uses. Volume controls, balance controls, input/output switches etc. can cause noise problems (crackling) as they age. It's also worth disconnecting then reconnecting all input/output leads as well - they oxidize over time and can cause noise. Connecting/ disconnecting cleans the contacts.

It's all a process of elimination unfortunately - can be a bit tiresome but is probably the only way to do it.

Hopefully this will start you off on the fault finding track.


2009-08-15, 07:10
Hi Thanks for the advice, I was thinking along the lines of swapping over our two Squeezeboxes

2009-08-17, 12:00
Right we swapped Classics, 4 hours of playing music on my SB and no clicks or pops.

Swapped back to my dads and with 10 minutes clicks and pops ahoy.

So it must be the SqueezeBox, problem is now that it only developed after updating the SC and firmware, so could have been there from day one.

My dads SB is just under 2 years old, what are the chances of getting it repaired/replaced by Logitech?

Can anyone also give any sort of explaination as to why it only occured after a SC/firmware update?

2009-08-17, 12:17
I believe the SB3's have a 2 year warranty. If post warranty there is a flat $90 charge to fix it.
You could try reverting to a prior SC version to see if the problem goes away. But that seems unlikely if it is not present on your SB3.

2009-08-17, 12:52
When the software was upgraded from slimserver to SqueezeCentre, it's possible (likely!) that the classic had an forced firmware upgrade as well. Something may have corrupted during such an upgrade - it only needs one or two corrupt bits to possibly cause problems.

The latest firmware for SB 2/3 & classic is version 127 so if your dads is on an earlier version it may be worth upgrading. Firmware upgrades are embedded in SC, so if you upgrade to SC 7.3.3, the newer version should install automatically.

If it's already on the latest firmware, it may be worth downgrading SC to an earlier version (SC 7.3.2 for example) just to force a re-flash of an older firmware version.


2009-08-25, 14:59
Thanks for everyones help, I tried my Dads SB on my network and even after doing a full factory reset it was even worse than at his house, my library is all flac.

I contacted Logitech support and they have been nothing short of brilliant, and this is not the first time I've had this kind of excellent service.

I now have a replacement unit that seems to be working flawlessly.