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2009-08-12, 07:37
I'm running standard 7.3 SqueezeCenter on an HP MediaSmart running Windows Home Server outputting to up to 5 players, which are always sync'd together.
SB3 ethernet to router
SB3 ethernet over power
2 * reciever via ethernet over power
1 * Boom wireless
controlled by an SBC (mostly but occasionally IPeng app, IR or web).

Roughly, each room has the Squeezebox, powered amp and ethernet over power all plugged into one 4 gang extension lead. I switch the wall socket off when not using a room, to power down all 3 devices. I've stopped using the 'Player Off' option as this obviously doesn't switch off the other two devices and is a pfaff (on SBC: choose player, reconnect, switch off then choose original player and reconnect, iPeng is better at this but is not often running)

The squeezeboxes disappear from the web interface quite quickly but often (I think if they have ever been selected by the controller) they persist on the controller for hours afterwards.

The controller will even allow such 'ghost players' to be selected but obviously nothing happens (though volume changes are implemented when that player is next powered up).

Other times the controller will sit showing the rotating circles saying 'connecting to player'. This will last several minutes but can be quit via Back/Left arrow on SBC. This will leave the home menu with two options 'Settings' or 'Choose Player'. 'Choose Player' will still list the ghost player.

If a real player is selected and 'Settings'/'Synchronize' are selected, then there is no mention of the 'Ghost player'.

Power cycling the SBC removes all 'ghost players'.

Has anyone else seen this? have any suggestions, I can't find anything in the wiki or forums.