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Paul Trunley
2004-06-17, 23:46
I've been using Replay Radio (http://www.replay-radio.com/index.php)
with good success. I have it set to record a number of programs from
the BBC and CBC. I wrote some simple scripts to automatically create
playlists and delete old recordings, the whole thing seems to work
pretty well.

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> Are there any programs that can be set up to capture a stream at a
> scheduled time (don't care what format it would be saved in), such
> that I can play it back at a later time on my SqueezeBox?

There's Total Recorder for Windows:


It supports saving any audio stream (via virtual sound card drivers) to
either WAV or MP3 files. You can have it run at a scheduled time and
launch a URL, so it effectively will trigger RealOne (or Windows Media
Player) at the right time, start recording the audio stream, and then
(optionally) kill the player after the specified recording time has
It works very well.

On the Mac there's Audio Hijack, about which I know very little, except
that it exists and that I believe it's fairly well regarded.