View Full Version : What is the difference between last.fm and Pandora?

2009-08-10, 04:10
What is the difference between last.fm and say Pandora? TY

2009-08-10, 04:38
Big question and there are lots of little differences in terms of ui, availability in different countries, price and catalogue, to name but a few. What are you particularly interested in knowing about?

One of the key differences is in the way they serve up their music. Pandora works on a algorithm which it serves up recommendations and similar music based on an analysis of the inherent qualities of the music such as melody, harmony, lyrics, orchestration and so on.

Last.fm works on an algorithm around collaborative filters - so it looks at the music you like, works out who else within the Last.fm world likes that music, and then recommends new music to you based on what other people in the same social set like (it's a lot more complicated than that, but you get the idea).

2009-08-10, 04:44
Both are music recommendation engines that provided personalised 'radio stations'. Last.FM uses a system called 'scobbling' which submits what you listen to and compares it to what other people listen too, to work out what else you might like. There is also a social networking aspect to Last.FM. Pandora is part of the Music Genome Project; Musicians actually listen to each track and analyses the songs properties. Song can then be compared for likeness based on the tracks 'genes'.

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2009-08-10, 05:43
I find that last.fm plays a lot more independant music than pandora. I haven't used last.fm's music discovery capability for a couple of years, so this may have changed.

I do use last.fm's music scrobbling capability and have all of my players set up to scrobble.