View Full Version : Clicker - Beta testers needed

Jonas Salling
2004-06-17, 15:55
Dear Slim-fans,

I've been working on adding fairly extensive support for
SqueezeBox/SlimServer in Salling Clicker and need a couple of beta
testers. To those not yet familiar with Clicker, it's a Bluetooth-based
remote control product for the Mac that works with a range of mobile
phones and Palm OS based PDAs. There's more information on Clicker at

To join the closed beta program, please send an email to
beta (AT) salling (DOT) com. I will accept testers until I have as many as I think
I can handle in a productive way. There is no set date for this beta to
expire, so license-owners do get priority in joining the program.

Please make sure your setup fulfills the requirements before applying;
this is especially true should you be interested in possibly earning a
license for a job well done.

Again, the system requirements for Clicker, are laid out on
clicker.salling.com. Basically, you will need a Mac with Bluetooth and
one of the supported handheld devices.

I hope to hear from some of you soon! (off the list)

Jonas Salling
President, Salling Software AB