View Full Version : 16/06/04 Nightly build has killed any change of firmware

2004-06-17, 12:24
As my slimbox (firmware v.23) was having problems playing MP3's (gaps,pops and other artifacts) I tried to upgrade to the 16/06/04 nightly build and firmware v.24(5?). However the firmware update failed saying "problem-update failed" and it will now not update to any other firmware even downwards (v.22). Every time I try it gets the same message after the status bar has filled in (albeit with a few garbled blocks and random flashes of the display).

My slimbox now seems doomed to stay with v.23 and the unplayable MP3's. I suspected at first that there was a problem with signal strength (as I have just moved) but its at 80%-90% and the buffer remains full.


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