View Full Version : Squeezebox Headset

2009-08-04, 14:01
Please Please Please. I hope logitech is listening...
I think there needs to be a logitech Squeezebox Headset. Just like the duet controller works as a receiver have a headset that works as a receiver. As far as I know there arent any reasonably priced WiFi/Network headphones. (correct me if I'm wrong) this would fit the bill. Not everyone in my house wants to listen to squeezebox all the time I do.

2009-08-04, 15:26
Why can't you just connect some wireless headphones to your Squeezebox? I use these:

Except for being a bit to big for my head (no headbanging), I like them pretty well. There is a bit of interference if I am walking around the house with them on, but mostly I can tune them in without interference staying in the same general area.

Edited to add: But Logitech does listen to the community for new product ideas--the Boom is testament to that. Consider putting your product wish in your forum sig and participating in the forum a lot. Worked for me! ;-)