View Full Version : Controller: Sort order in Artist category differs from sort order in Albums category

2009-08-02, 18:01
When browsing Albums, I get the desired sort order Artist, Year, Album.

However, when browsing Artists, the selected Artist's albums are not sorted by year.

I have set the Controller setting Settings->Advanced->Album sort order correctly, however this setting does not seem to affect how the albums are sorted when browsing artists.

I believe this might be a bug in the latest 7.3 and 7.4, because I recall that this was done correctly in some older release. When the album sort order is set to sort by Artist, Year, Album then Artists' albums should also be sorted by Year, Album when browsing Artists. This seems to be broken unless there is a "Artist sort order" settings in the SBC that I have overlooked...

My ignorance or a bug?


2009-08-02, 20:48
No, the sort order doesn't apply once you're into the artist's list of albums. Vote for the following bug, add your name to the CC list, and then... wait.