View Full Version : Time display/Now playing

Julius Friede
2004-06-16, 20:46
in server settings/formatting, you can create a title
format that includes the date, time, etc, and it will
appeaar on line two of the display at all times that
the squeezebox is playing. Just remember to select the
custom title format for the player you want. This
approach also allows you to display the date on an
individual player and not another should you have more
than one. hope this helps.


--- Philip Meyer <phil (AT) hergest (DOT) demon.co.uk> wrote:
> I realise that the SqueezeBox time display can be
> switched on by pressing the power button (obviously
> stops the current track from playing), or by turning
> on the relevant screensaver.
> Is there a way to toggle between the time display
> and now playing display? Eg. Press and hold the
> "Now Playing" button to display the time.
> Phil