View Full Version : Time display/Now playing

Rob Studdert
2004-06-16, 18:23
On 17 Jun 2004 at 1:47, Philip Meyer wrote:

> I realise that the SqueezeBox time display can be switched on by pressing the
> power button (obviously stops the current track from playing), or by turning on
> the relevant screensaver.
> Is there a way to toggle between the time display and now playing display? Eg.
> Press and hold the "Now Playing" button to display the time.

Yes, a fellow lister indicated how it could be done some time back.

If you add a custom.map to the IR directory of the server install containing
the following:

size = dead
size.single = textsize_toggle
size.hold = datetime

Then select "custom" under the player settings > advanced settings > Remote
Button Functions field

The time will appear on the display for as long as the size button is held.