View Full Version : Bug or intended behavior?

2009-08-01, 16:46
If I'm listening to Slacker Radio and I have scrobbling enabled for internet radio, and I mark a song as as a favorite so it will play more often on Slacker, it also gets marked as a loved track on Last.FM. Is this the intended behavior?

I'm undecided on whether I like that or not. How do others feel about it?

2009-08-02, 17:18
No comment?

2009-08-03, 13:06
Sounds more like a last.fm function than a Squeezebox or Slacker one. You've given last.fm permission to track your local and internet listening habits, and it seems they are using your likes/dislikes in other places to tailor your future selections on last.fm.

Actually, I use both, too, and it sounds like a good idea to me. If I tell Slacker I like or dislike a song, that keeps me from having to tell last.fm the same thing. (I wonder if they also have a way to know about my Slacker Portable favorites and bans when I refresh?)