View Full Version : Duet will not work after loading on new computer

2009-08-01, 05:55
I would like to start by saying I have had zero problems in the year I've had my Duet, but now....The laptop I had originally setup everything on has crashed. I'm now trying to get the system to work on a backup, but it will not. The laptop is running XP, same as the last. Here is what I've done so far:

1) DL Squeezecenter to the new laptop to be used.
2) Reset receiver (red light flashing)
3) Factory reset of the controller

The controller finds the network and I think it finds the receiver to setup, but nothing works from there. If it does find the music sources, it only finds squeezenetwork and not the new laptop running squeezecenter. I figured the "factory reset" would be just that and since it was a breeze the first time, I assumed it would again be just that.

What am I missing?

2009-08-01, 06:11
any firewalls on the new laptop?

2009-08-01, 12:37
any firewalls on the new laptop?

It was removed and still no luck. This is frustrating! I would have thought it would be a breeze once again. Now I fear I need a new laptop and try all over again.

2009-08-02, 02:30
I bought box SQ Box Duet about a week ago. At the time I was staying at a friends so I set it up on his network with my netbook, everything went smoothly. Then I visited a friend who was thinking of buying one so of course took it with me. Tried on his network, didn't work, didn't remember reading anywhere that everything needed to be reset to work on a different network. That just seems like poor programming to me! Anyway reset both receiver and controller, set it up again and everything worked. Finally got home and of course reset again and everything appeared to work except no sound. There was the bright white light on the receiver button, the now playing with album art shwoing on the controller but no sound. Tried resetting both boxes again, changed my network key so I didn't have to enter such a large randomly generated alphanumeric string again. At this point I was starting to get frustrated particularly becuase I bought it in London and 'home' is in Thailand. I searched online for a 'hard' reset but couldn't find anything, so finally I tried keeping the front button pressed before plugging in the power. Now I heard sound for the first time since getting home, the receiver light cycled through all the colours and each colour was accomapanied by a different tone. Reset again the normal way, fast red flashing light etc, set it up again as everything worked.

I have to say a few more status messages on the controller would be very helpful. Sometimes I pushed a button on the controller and the the menu item seemed to move a little but not do anything, what does that mean, why no explanatory message.

I'm not sure if this will help but I would keep trying.