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2009-07-31, 17:06
I like to bring my Boom and SBR with me when we visit the parents, problem is their "high speed" internet isn't very fast or reliable. Both Rhapsody and Pandora require re-buffering frequently enough to make them unlistenable for more than a song or so. I've connected the Boom via ethernet (to rule out flaky WiFi issues,) confirmed there are no other devices eating up bandwidth, and still have problems with both Pandora and Rhapsody. To me, this indicates poor internet service. This same setup works fine at my house, on an 18 Mbps connection.

When I go to speedtest.net, the numbers vary from test-to-test, but I seem to generally get:
Ping = 70 - 100 ms (although once it came back at 1200 ms)
Download = 0.7 - 0.9 Mbps
Upload = 0.12 Mbps

So my questions:
- Is it unreasonable to expect to maintain a 192 kbps stream on such a connection?
- How does the ping latency come into play?
- Is there anything I can do from my end, without complaining to the ISP?

I've tried increasing the "Radio Station Buffer" in SqueezeCenter, but it seems to have no effect. It doesn't even seem to buffer the amount I set it to. (Example, I can set it to buffer 15 seconds, and still experience 2 drop outs in a 10 second span of time.)

Any ideas or suggestions for improving this are much appreciated. (BTW, streaming local stuff works fine.)


2009-08-01, 11:23
Hrm, in theory you should be able to maintain a radio stream on that slow of a connection. However there are a lot of factors upstream at the ISP they're connected to that are involved. There could be line problems with the DSL equipment.

Here's a true story. A friend of mine bought a coffee shop. After a while, he realized that the internet access on their DSL line was absurdly slow. I offered to help debug it for him since the ISP wasn't being helpful. I followed the wiring all over the building trying to figure out what was connected where. As I was tracing the phone line source for the DSL I discovered the previous owner had installed DSL line filters on the phone lines, including the DSL line. I looked at the signal levels being received and was supprised they had working DSL at all. After removing the filter and re-wiring the network things were great.