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2009-07-31, 12:25
Recently I realized that my Controller menu's got completely messed up after
changing player. Rebooted the Controller and was up and running again.
This got me thinking, and now I have starlet to reboot the Controller every time I
make ANY changes in the menu system. Both General and Advanced menu's.
And ALWAYS after chancing player as the Controller doesn't reset properly
when loading newly added player menu's.
Many of the earlier unpredictable behavior of the system are now gone. I know
this defeats some of the features of the system but give me so much less hassle
and frustration.

Controller are running latest firmware. 7.3 r6038
Static IP is manually added to config file. With my old SMC router this
made the Controller connect 3-4 times faster and when the "Connect to"
circle pop up now and then it connects in under a second. And most
impotently, connection stability is increased by 90%.

Configuration file for headphone is changed. Mine was dead whatever I tried.

I noticed some post about problems with charging. With my cradle the battery
connection in the bottom loose contact if the Controller is leaning back.
I must insert the Controller so the lower back of the Controller touch the
back of the cradle.

Big thank you to forum members who posted fixes here..

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I will add links in my next post to the two threads I used to solve my problems.

2009-07-31, 12:25
Static IP
Enable Remote connection on Controller. I use Putty for SHH connection.
vi /etc/network/interfaces
Press 'Inser' button and edit file as described in link over.
Press Esc and colon ':' to go to command mode.
Then 'wq' (write and quit)

Headphone does work