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2009-07-31, 11:29
Hi All. Just set up my squeezebox and think its an amazing piece of kit. My question to you all is...I have set up compilation albums called Best of the 70s, Best of the 80s...ect. I checked all the id tags first and they seemed correct but the Squeezebox shows 4 albums called Best of the 70s, 6 Albums called Best of the 80s, well you get my drift. Double checked the tags..all correct. Whats going on?
Any ideas will be great.

Sorry if this is the wrong forum, let me know and I will place the question in the correct place.

Kind regards.


2009-07-31, 11:58
>I checked all the id tags first<

Probably a mixture of ID3v1/ID3v2/Vorbis tags. You need mp3tag to clean tags, read the wiki.

Also, I find it helpful to set the COMPILATION tag so that Squeezecenter isn't guessing.

2009-07-31, 13:42
I went to mp3tag and have deleted all the tags. Now what??
How do I put new ones in. I feel I have done this TOTALLY wrong or in the wrong order. Yes I am an idiot.
Please help?

2009-07-31, 14:19
I guess restoring the files from your backup isn't an option?

If not, you'll have to do it the hard way. Post on the mp3tag forums for advice on how to use bits of your filename/folder structure to tag your files, if that applies to you.

e.g. my folders are organised artist\album\track number-title.m4a thus: Queen\News of the world\01-we will rock you.m4a so I could extract that info to create new tags.

mp3tag can also look up tags from the web, again details on mp3tag forum.

And back your files up! Number one rule in big tagging operations.

2009-08-11, 07:31
Hey Gary, I just spent the weekend repopulating my mp3 tags using media monkey. Great free open source music library and mp3 management software. Works well across a local network. Try it out and just repopulate the data from their database (Amazon I believe)


2009-08-12, 08:33
I prefer TagScanner: http://www.xdlab.ru/ over Mp3tag for most tasks, it can be a little buggy though. Also if you delete all the tags by mistake and have and decent file naming scheme you can repopulate the tags from the file names in mp3tag by highlighting the files, right clicking and selecting convert -> filename - tag