View Full Version : Unable to play media from subscription service due to inability to authenticate

2009-07-30, 13:06
I have been unable to use my Squeezebox to connect to a subscription music service that requires a username and password to be entered. When I go to the same web site with a windows computer it pops up the windows media player along with a pop up that asks for the username and password.

2009-07-30, 13:08
I couldn't put links in the first post.

The web site that I am trying to go to is:

I also tried using HTTP Basic Authentication in the following format:

The site provides a test username and pw (both demo) and I plug them in as follows:

But this does not work either.
I need a way to enter the username and pw.
Is there a work around for these type of sites?

2009-07-30, 13:41
I think the bug is that the basic auth is not passed on after reading the playlist. Try this (using the real stream from inside the m3u file):


2009-08-02, 13:57
I'm having the same issue with authenticating to the service.

The demo does indeed play on the Squeezebox by using the following URL:


However, using my actual login credentials in the format below results in a "HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized" message" on the Squeezebox:


The username has an '@' in the middle of it. The '@' in the middle of the username (user@domain.net) may mess with the correct syntax for HTTP authentication. I did try to substitute a '%40' for the "@' (escape code for @), thinking this may remedy this issue, but the result was another error message '401 Authentication Required".

Not sure how the syntax should go in a case like this. Any ideas?