View Full Version : [OT] Digitizing LPs?

2004-06-14, 23:23
There's lots of info at...

I find it difficult to do 100 LPs per year, so I started at my
favourites and
began working down. I'm picky about the more severe clicks and pops,
but if you are after auto track splitting then you are presumably not
going to do any processing at all.

I save each one as an audio CD (and mp3). Because tracks sometimes run
one to the other, the auto split can sometimes be fooled. The important
thing if you are going to burn to CD, and the track boundaries are not
completely quiet, is that you need to ensure you split on CD frame
boundaries and burn DAO mode.

Check your soundcard. They can have all sorts of artifacts, some
audible, some not.

And I agree with Pat's comments about "remastered" rereleases - two I've
bought recently sound like they were remastered from somebody's LP,
without even the effort that I'd put into it, and have artifacts that I
would not even expect on the audio chips built into motherboards.