View Full Version : Another successful implementation!

2009-07-28, 20:03
Well, tonight I helped my brother get Squeezecenter running on his Mac Mini to serve his new Transporter and Duet. He had the Duet running against SN but was ready to get the transporter and local library going.

I wanted to post this because:

1. wanted to say that it went flawlessly for him/us (no hiccups at all), and I know we read quite a few problem threads but people don't often post success stories.

2. I used a free remote desktop s/w to show him some of the SC options/config. It's called Teamviewer (http://www.teamviewer.com) and is free for personal use. Mac/PC cross-platform compatible. Works great! Just thought people might want to know about it (not affiliated with it at all, just a happy user).

Thanks SD/Logitech for making me, and now my brother, happy listeners.


2009-07-28, 21:47
Glad to hear it. I generally use VNC (Free, works on a lot of systems) for remote desktop control. The only thing I wish it would do more easily was NAT traversal so I can get to PCs behind home wifi routers.

2009-07-29, 05:55
Great to hear your success. I was really perplexed when I got my Trnasporter because I was expecting it to be a pain to setup after reading reviews everywhere. I already had SC running on a media server and had the TP running in all of 3 minutes. I think the majority of complaints come from people that have little PC network knowledge and expect to run wirless with a $50 wireless router and 5 wirless phones running in the house to work well. I just completed a new house and ran ethernet everywhere so I was able to connect wired at 1GB and I have had zero issues with any of the features. The sound is fantastic and there is enough wiz bang tecnology being developed for the platform to keep me playing with it for a long time.

As for the spouse she loves it. I pulled the pre-amp out of play and there is one less thing for here to look at or be confused by so Logitech gets the good housekeeping seal of approval from the Ladies of the house.