View Full Version : Problems setting up after power outage

2009-07-28, 07:05

I have a squeezebox duet that I run using a hybrid configuration (ethernet from modem to receiver) on a macintosh. I also recently upgraded to squeezenetwork 7.3.3. Everytime the power goes out, the system has to be reconfigured and every time I try to reconfigure it takes about 3 hours to figure it out despite following the directions. Specifically I can set up the controller but it does not recognize the receiver. I follow the instructions for restarting the controller and reciever, do a factory reset on the controller, and then cannot get the controller to find the receiver for setup, even though I follow the whole blinking light routine, etc. I also believe that I need a valid PIN that should appear on the controller and am unable to get that to appear. If anyone has general advice on what I might be doing wrong I would greatly appreciate it.

Mike in DC