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2009-07-28, 03:34
Hi, I am using a duet since a few month now and the Controller is annoying me more and more.

It is falling asleep after 15 minutes (with the new software its sold as a feature, but in fact it's a workaround for bad battery capacity), which I think would not be a problem unless the wake up is fast enough. But the wake up takes nearly 30 seconds. This far beyond what I expect to be a remote control! Even my complete WinXP system wakes up faster!!! Maximum should be 5 seconds in my perspective.

How do I change the time that the Controller takes to go into sleep mode?
Or better, how to I speed up wake up?

Additionally charging the Controller is not reliable. From time to time I put it in the station and it does not charge. Even when I realize it one day later and try it again, I can't find out if is ok now, because the battery ran flat now and the Controller does not give any feedback any more.

My wish is a complete new Controller 2 like this one here:
Perhaps some more real buttons would be nice and multi touch. But most important is improved battery life time and wake up speed!!!!

However perhaps anybody has an answer to my questions above...

PS: Besides this I relay like the system

2009-07-28, 04:01
Try going to Settings/Advanced/Factory Test/Power management on the SBC.

Un-check "Suspend Enabled" - suspend causes the Controller to go into a "deep sleep" to save battery when not being used, which means it has to re-establish a wireless connection when being woken from suspend. This is what is probably taking the time and will certainly take a lot longer than recovering from just the "sleep" state.

The downside is that it will use up substantially more battery with this setting changed. If you keep the Controller in the cradle most of the time that shouldn't affect you too much, but you will notice it if you keep it out and only return it for charging.

As for charging, some people have found the Controller leans back a bit on occasions (particuarly where dropped into the stand) and loses connection to the pins. A small piece of card at the back of the controller bit where you insert the SBC will sort you out, but providing you place the Controller in carefully it should charge ok. If it doesn't consistently, consider asking for a replacement from your supplier.

2009-07-28, 04:23
Siduhe, thanks for the hints.

Does anybody know if a new Controller is planed?

2009-07-29, 15:39
Äh, Siduhe, where can I find the setting for power management?
I get until Settings/Advanced/ in SC, but I do not have the entry Factory Test.
I am using Version: 7.3.3 - 27044 @ Mon Jun 15 15:12:32 PDT 2009 for Linux

2009-07-29, 15:53
That setting is on the Controller, not the WebUI into squeezecenter.

2009-07-30, 01:12
Try going to Settings/Advanced/Factory Test/Power management on the SBC.

SBC is the commonly used abbreviation for Squeezebox Controller, in the same way that SBR is referred to the Receiver. Makes it easier to tell which part of the Duet you are talking about. Sorry it wasn't clear.

2009-08-19, 10:16
Thank you.

Now I found a setting that is working fine for me: I set the sleep time out to 30 seconds and the suspend to maximum of 3600 seconds. Hence, even when I listen to a full album with nearly 1h length, the controller will not go into suspend. That was the most annoying point.


2009-08-20, 05:38
I have to agree coming out of sleep is dreadfully slow and all my pc's wake up in like 5 seconds. Although that isn't quite fair because they are consuming way more power while asleep.

2009-12-23, 12:02
After some more month of using the controller I have to say it is really crap!
- Charging is not reliable
- Wake up is horrible slow
- The control wheel is imprecise. It is often hard to go only one step, instead it takes two back and forth

I will sell it soon and buy a squeezbox touch instead.