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2009-07-27, 13:04
Hi to all, wasn`t sure where to make my first post so as i`m a new duet owner thought this a good place to start.

I have been looking through this forum for a while reading memebers experiences of the Duet...Didn`t exactly feel me with confidance but never the less i went ahead and ordered one from Audio Affair for the bargain price of 175.00 inc delivery.

After I took delivery at work today I was excited to get home and get set up but i was prepared for a long drawn out ordeal! I neadn`t have worried....I unboxed it, plugged the reciever in, put the battery in the controller and withought exaggerating was playing music from my pc in less than ten minutes, thats including the software update for the controller!

It works great, better than I expected. I would say its quick to play tracks, quicker than my ipod classic(120gb) with no sign of lag. changing between tracks is instantanious! Magic!

Had a play with internet radio which seems to work very well and the sound effects had me and the missus smiling like clowns!

I have a library of around 500 mainly lossless albums ans 320kbs mp3`s. The reciever is hooked up to a NAD C350 via QED interconnect. Speakers are B & W 601 s2.... Sound quality is excellent..

I thought I would post a quick account of my experience as there seems to be alot of negative reviews and experiences. Hopefully someone thinking of buying will read this.

I will of course have to update my review in a week or so but i`m confidant I shouldn`t have any major problems (touch wood!).

I do have one question...How do you install third party plugins? I like the sound of the one thats shows the lyrics to songs...

There you go....Day 1 a thorough success!

I look forward to sharing my thoughts and experinces with the members here and learnig as I go..

Kind regards,


2009-07-27, 16:49
Hi John!

Good deal and welcome aboard.

Involving plug-ins, go here: http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.php/SqueezeCenter_Plugins

For a lot of things, answers are both in the forums and the wiki. I can say that the indexing in the wiki isn't wonderfully organized. Please be sure to bookmark the places you reference or find useful because finding them again may be tricky.

If you have questions the forum is the best place to go and most folks there are pretty tolerant about answering questions that have already been posted. If you are used-to using a forum, the search will give you a lot of help but because of the above, you may find too many search results. Just plumb around and see what's available.

I've been using the stuff to play my music across the internet so if you have questions in that regard, feel free to message..