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2009-07-27, 10:04

Here's my tech issue and setup:

Squeezebox on Rotel Amp, controlled by "duet" controller. Squeeze server running on dedicated XP box. Another PC in office using the http://musicserver:9000/stream.mp3 on winamp.

The winamp player shows up on the web interface and i can easily assign different tracks to each player.

When trying to synch them, Squeezebox on Rotel amp sounds mute (or stop?) and only Pc with Winamp plays.

I've fiddled with the settings to no avail, it's seems impossible to have sync sound from both source at the same time

What am i missing here ? :)


2009-07-27, 10:09
It is indeed impossible to sync Winamp with a hardware player. You could try Softsqueeze or Squeezeplay, but those have problems too depending on OS and soundcard.


2009-07-27, 10:11
Hi Andy

Thanks a lot for an honest and clear answer on this issue - i'll read on the thread you proposed


2009-07-27, 11:17
Tried Squeezeplay - can't seem sync up properly playing mp3/wma located on dedicated LAN server. *sniff (install was a breeze and everything else seems to work fine though)

Any way to increase the "agressiveness" of Squeezeplay to check for sync more often ? And once it detected that it's out of Sync - is it trying to catch up / slow down by altering tempo slightly or does it passively stay out of sync ?


2009-07-27, 11:42
AFAIK SC doesn't alter the tempo to re-sync. Instead it will jump ahead (or back?) as needed to restore sync. It usually does this when changing tracks, but I think it can do it mid-track now as well.

There are various sync parameters you can set in SC Settings. I think they're under Settings > Player > Audio. Give those a try. Even though sync'ing successfully with SqueezePlay is more likely than sync'ing with stream.mp3 (because stream.mp3 simply doesn't sync), sync with *any* software players like SqueezePlay or SoftSqueeze is completely hit or miss. There is too much going on with drivers, sound cards, etc. that are outside the control of SC. You might need to start saving for another SB ;o)

2009-07-29, 13:00
Thx aubuti -

I was afraid somebody would say that - but not surprised :)

Thx for your feedback!