View Full Version : gapless FLAC/PCM no longer works on SB1

2009-07-26, 09:16
I have an SB1 and an SB2, and I'm running 7.3.2. Ever since I got the SB1 six years ago, I've had gapless playback of FLAC files. But something changed recently, and I now get gaps between tracks on my SB1. The SB2 works fine. I'm not sure which version of SqueezeCenter introduced the problem, but it's been this way for a while. It's possible there's some config setting I can change, but I don't see one. Bitrate Limiting is set to No Limit (and in fact I don't even have LAME installed), so SqueezeCenter should be transcoding FLAC to PCM, not MP3. Yet, there is still a gap between tracks.

Is there a solution?