View Full Version : Anyone use the "Recent Searches" feature on the Duet controller?

2009-07-25, 15:13
Is anyone else having difficulty with the "Recent Searches" function on the controller? For me, sometimes it shows up, and other times it does not. It even disappears as an option under the "Home Menu" configuration list. This "here today, gone tomorrow behavior" also shows up when I use iPeng, so it's not the controller per se. Definitely seems to be a "squeezeplay" menu item that appears sometimes, and not others.

Also, when it is there, it seems to get populated with searches I did not even do (as if other users' searches are showing up). I think it's a "server side" cache of some kind, so it's possible, as I use nothing but SqueezeNetwork, and do not connect to any local servers. It's rather odd to see what OTHER people are searching for.

The server I connect to seems to always be the one (or maybe one of many?) in Ashburn, VA.

Note: a previous post talks about the same issue I have, but no one ever really solved it: http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=50552

2009-07-26, 09:46
This feature has never been persistent for me, which is too bad because its very handy.

2009-07-26, 19:27
i thought i had just forgotten where it was. glad to know i am not losing my mind.

2009-07-28, 09:31
Sorry, this is a bug. Should be fixed shortly. Recent Searches should not appear on SN.

2009-07-29, 08:11
Sorry, this is a bug. Should be fixed shortly. Recent Searches should not appear on SN.

Ah! Good to know. Thanks. Too bad, however, that it can't be used with SN, as it can be very handy for re-doing Rhapsody searches (for example), without needing to reenter the string. I understand the difficulty, as it's server-side, etc. But I wonder if it could be redone one day to be "client-side" in some way, where the actual controller is caching the search strings, instead of the server? Just an idea for future development I guess (if it's possible at all).

2009-07-29, 08:15
Yeah there's a bug to fix it for SN. It was not implemented with SN in mind originally so it's some amount of work to fix it.