View Full Version : Squeezebox plays all songs twice...

2009-07-25, 12:57
I use iTunes on Mac OS X to manage my music library, which contains 1,501 albums and 14,686 songs - or 29,372 songs, depends on how you look at it. And therein lies the problem

All my albums are ripped first in Apple Lossless. I do this so that I don't have to rip them again. It was a mammoth task. Of course such an amount of lossless audio won't fit on my iPod, so I created an AAC version of all my songs. So I have both an archival version of each in Apple Lossless, and a portable version in AAC. (That's what I meant by "depends on how you look at it": 14,686 unique songs, in two formats makes 29,372 song files)

Then in iTunes, I have two so called "smart playlists", one that filters out all Lossless, and one that filters all AAC. The clever bit in iTunes is that with the lossless playlist selected, I can still navigate albums and artists. I don't really use playlists for anything else. Only to separate my lossless and compressed fles.

Now enter the Squeezebox. If I select the lossless playlist, it gives me all 14,686 songs in an enormous single playlist, no longer by album or artist. That's not practical. If I don't use the playlist, but just use the album or artist browser, it plays all my songs twice: once it plays the Lossless version, then the AAC version, before going to the next song. That is no good either.

How should I deal with this?

1) Can I get Squeezebox to play only the lossless audio, ignoring any AAC files that it finds?
2) Can I get Squeezebox to browse albums and artists within my giant "Smart Playlist" of all my lossless music?
3) Is there another way to organize my iTunes library, keeping both lossless and compressed versions of all music, in such as way that Squeezebox plays lossless only and my iPod syncs to compressed only?