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Philip Bouscarle
2004-06-14, 07:57
I was about to go down this road when I read about a site called
allofmp3.com. It has a huge collection of old music which can be
downloaded in just about any format including AAC, ogg vorbis etc. Cost
is $10/gigabyte, which works out pretty cheap if you consider the time
it would take to record a vinyl disc and encode it, plus the cost of any
hardware you may need to record to your computer. In addition, it is
encoded from CD so no pops or clicks!

To prevent the pangs of guilt I would otherwise have at downloading
music royalty-free from the net, I only use it for music that I already
have on vinyl and would never buy on CD.

I also read that Sony et al are trying to get the site shut down but
since it is in Russia, they may have a battle on their hands!


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This isn't directly related to Squeezeboxes, but I'm starting to eye my
record collection and thinking how nice it would be to start recording
some albums and making them available through my Squeezebox.

Does anyone have any tips for this? I'm imagining that I'll simply plug
my record player into a sound card, possibly through a pre-amp. Will the
results mostly come down to the quality of the sound card? Will there be
a huge difference between cheap and expensive cards?

What about formats? I rip my CDs to flac not because I think I'll be
able to hear a difference between WAV and high-bitrate MP3s (I haven't
done the listening tests myself), but more because I can't bear the
thought of having to re-rip hundreds of CDs in the future to some other
lossy format. This isn't an issue with analog recordings though, because
there's obviously no digital source stream. So would high-bitrate MP3s
(or Vorbis) suffice?

And what about software to aid the process? Is there any software that
would automatically detect the gaps between songs and break the audio
stream up into individual files?

Thanks for any input...