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2004-06-14, 07:19
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>This isn't directly related to Squeezeboxes, but I'm starting to eye my
>record collection and thinking how nice it would be to start recording some
>albums and making them available through my Squeezebox.

I'm in the process of doing this right now. Quite time intensive...

>Does anyone have any tips for this? I'm imagining that I'll simply plug my
>record player into a sound card, possibly through a pre-amp. Will the
>results mostly come down to the quality of the sound card? Will there be a
>huge difference between cheap and expensive cards?

Can't plug the turntable into a sound card directly. You need some sort of
impedance matching device like an amp or receiver.
The results will mainly be on how good the turntable is. I bought a really nice
Yamaha some years back and grabbed one of the nicest needles I could
find at the time. I think I ended up dropping about a grand on the needle.
Yes, I was young and stupid. But I also worked for an electronics retailer
and got everything at 75% off, so at least I was only 1/4 stupid.

>What about formats? I rip my CDs to flac not because I think I'll be able to
>hear a difference between WAV and high-bitrate MP3s (I haven't done the
>listening tests myself), but more because I can't bear the thought of having
>to re-rip hundreds of CDs in the future to some other lossy format. This
>isn't an issue with analog recordings though, because there's obviously no
>digital source stream. So would high-bitrate MP3s (or Vorbis) suffice?

I have recorded everything to wav format (for the original) and then
I get it into flac. If I want to listen to the music on my mp3 player, I also
put them into mp3 format. I know it's a waste of disk space, but disk
space is cheap and I'd rather not go through the pain of recording more
than once (at least large scale).

>And what about software to aid the process? Is there any software that would
>automatically detect the gaps between songs and break the audio stream up
>into individual files?

There's lots of software to do this, and I feel like I've tried almost all of them.
The one I like the best is a windows program called PolderBits. I can use it
to record to either wav or mp3, and I can edit track lengths and splits.
What I normally do is record both sides of the source (tape, album, reel-to-reel)
into one file. I'll save the giant file as the name of the artist-album and move on
to the next one. When I think I can sit down in front my pc and split the
tracks and name them, I'll take the time and do all the ones I have done.
At the same time I'll go to Amazon and grab the album art and save it
as well. I'm sure there is a better, more automated way to do this,
and I would be Pat Farrell has it. (LOL)

>Thanks for any input...

Good luck!