View Full Version : Problem logging in to Live 365

2009-07-23, 13:57
I can search Live365 from SqueezeCenter, and have my Live365 account set up in SqueezeNetwork. However, when I click on my favorites in SqueezeCenter I just get the Live365 announcement "Please log in with your Live365 account".

Anyone know if this is a known issue, or whether there's something else I need to do? Thanks.

2009-07-27, 04:21
I had problems of this nature over the past couple of days.

I logged out of and back into my account via Squeezenetwork.

I then navigated to the station via Music Services > Other > Live 365 > genre > station.

I then was able to play the station in question via the Favorites entry I had previously made.

I'm not sure why all this was necessary.