View Full Version : shared drive as music folder?

Brian J. Haag
2004-06-14, 06:34
I'm at work and so don't have all my info in front of
me (version, server, etc.) -- but does anyone have
consistent issues with setting your music folder as a
shared drive in XPPro? I have two boxes, one with a
200gb drive that I'm using to store music for now. On
a second machine, I'm running the latest SlimServer
release, and I have the drive in the first box shared
as a drive on the second. So when I point SlimServer
to the drive letter (E:), it says it's invalid. I've
had this issue once before, but was able to fix it by
(on the machine running SlimServer) accessing the
drive via Windows Explorer.

Sorry that this is incomplete -- I'll resend from home
later w/ more info if no one can help. My guess is
that something is not set correctly for the slim
service, or something along those lines.



Brian J. Haag
brian_haag (AT) yahoo (DOT) com