View Full Version : Can squeezebox be directly controlled from iTunes4.6(mac)?

Harry Brandt
2004-06-13, 12:30
I think it would be in the interests of SlimDevices to develop this....so
that some of us Squeezebox users don't jump ship to the apple device. I
want to control directly from iTunes too...but with the sonic excellence and
flexibility of the squeezebox!!!


On 6/13/04 2:54 PM, "Otto Perdeck" <otto.perdeck (AT) xs4all (DOT) nl> wrote:

> Hello all,
> I was wondering, now that iTunes 4.6 (Mac) is able to directly control
> this new wireless device from Apple, (airTunes?), which is very similar
> in functionality to SB: could -theoretically- software be written that
> makes iTunes directly control the SB? I would personally prefer that
> over the web-interface the SB provides now. If so, is anyone aware of
> such a project?
> Thx
> Otto Perdeck