View Full Version : Buffer underuns with FLAC (wav & mp3 OK)

2004-06-13, 08:26
I really would appreciate some help with this one.

I'm running Squeezebox with nightly 13th June +f/w v 24.
With the squeezebox connected by wireless or directly to my switch I get the
same problem with FLAC files (of which I have 500Gb or so). The buffer
indicator never gets above 75% and drops to zero with dropouts on audio. The debug
trace shows underruns in play mode (which figures, coz that's what I am
hearing and seeing.
With Flac-MP3 (via LAME) enabled, or using Wav files everything is perfect
(full buffer, no dropouts!).
An ethereal trace shows the Squeezbox window size as 16000 for both WAV &
Flac...no dropped packets, dup acks or similar...

I'm running PIII 800, XP Sp1, with a Linksys LTE100 NIC with auto-sense and
flow control enabled.
Can't be FLAC itself that is the problem because FLAC-to-MP3 works fine.
Are there any other debugging options that might pin this one down?