View Full Version : Help with tune to URL needing authentication

2009-07-19, 20:55
I am trying to tune in to a new subscription radio station (MojaRadio) that requires authentication. I am trying to come up with the correct syntax using the HTTP basic auth but it is not working. My UID is an email address and the URL itself has a colon within it. I suspect that the syntax won't translate correctly. The URL for the station is:


So the basic auth statement may be confusing SC. It looks like this:

"myname@comcastDOTnet:password@liveDOTstre3mDOTcom: ####/secure.m3u"

Any help much appreciated!


2009-07-20, 08:51
you could try replacing the '@' in your email with the HTTP escape code '%40'

Full list here: http://www.december.com/html/spec/esccodes.html