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Oren Sagher
2004-06-12, 03:27
I will be out of the office from June 12 to 20. Your message has been
received, and will be read when I return. For urgent matters, please
contact my secretary, Holly Kirwan at 936-9593 or e-mail
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Daryle A. Tilroe wrote:

> OK I'm running into this too.
> I upgraded to SlimServer_v2004-06-03 from SlimServer_v2004-05-19
> about a week ago and have just got around to using it a fair bit
> over the last few days.
> I am running WinXP Pro fully patched on an XP2200+ with a gig of
> RAM. Since this is a reasonable amount of horsepower I don't know
> when it started but I just noticed when I tried to access the web
> interface locally and did not get a connection.
> I looked at the processes and slim.exe was at 99% consuming ~130MB
> of RAM but bouncing around. After a few minutes of examination
> (and still no web interface connection) it crept up to ~150MB
> memory and then died by itself. A shoutcast stream was playing
> on my Squeezebox upstairs at the time.
> Definitely a blocker bug that does not appear to be on Vidur's
> list. Has anyone filed it yet? I can try a new nightly but
> as far as I can see in this thread the problem has not yet been
> fixed.
This description is exactly the problems I'm having. This is not a
memory leak in so far as my server does have plenty of free memory. It
is that slim.exe slowly eats more and more resources.

This bug should be filed on Vidurs list. Since I have no BugZilla
account I have not done it myself.