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Robert Wallace
2004-06-11, 14:20

I wouldn't even know where to start in getting a network packet dump.

I was running 5.1.6 (5/31/04) and firmware version 23 when I reported
experiencing the problem. I installed 6/11/04 server not long before I saw
your email. The server's still at 99% CPU from starting up, so I haven't
started serving songs yet. (BTW, that scan at server start is annoying,
too, when it pegs the CPU for as long as it does.)

I've got approx 4500 flac titles being served from a PIII-666 running XP
Home (fully updated)


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Robert Wallace (rawallace (AT) comcast (DOT) net) wrote:
> I don't have the web interface active when I've had a break happen and I'm
> not rescanning (unless it happens automatically at random intervals). The
> buffer just drains and doesn't begin to fill until a second or two after
> music stops. As far as I know, there is nothing else using my wireless
> network at that time. I have 70-80% signal level at the Squeezebox. I
> can't verify the 100% CPU because I've never been near the server when it
> happens. It's not a constant thing -- maybe once every 30 minutes to an
> hour or so for me.

Is there any way any of you guys experiencing these gaps can capture a
network packet dump which includes a dropout period? Or even a dump
which just includes a minute or so of playback, just to check you
aren't seeing the same TCP breakage some of us are?

What player firmwares are you running?