View Full Version : SuperDateTime Screensaver on Controller

2009-07-16, 06:51
Has anyone gotten this screensaver to work on the their controller? It won't come up under screensavers for me. I am running 7.3.3 prerelease.


Mike Meyer
2009-07-16, 07:15
I don't believe that it works as a screensaver on the controller at this point. However, you should be able to find SuperDateTime listed on the Extras menu and get scores and weather from there.

2009-07-16, 08:23
That is what I was concerned about. I love how it shows up on SB3 and a screensaver on the controller would be way cool.


Mike Meyer
2009-07-16, 09:30
I believe Greg was working on it but haven't heard an ETA.