View Full Version : Praise for slimserver, and a feature request

Will Meyer
2004-06-11, 04:24
To all who have worked on this thing, great job. I have a big collection archived to FLAC (360G), and have been struggling to get a listen-at-work setup going. I was hacking up NetJuke to do the MP3 transcoding, but it was kind of a mess, the slimserver's simple mapping scheme seems to work well from a design perspective. I'll soon get a real squeezebox and then my family will be able to listen to music again (they hated using the PC but getting an appliance that supports flac ain't easy).

For a feature, it would be cool if you could, through the web interface, save a track or group of tracks. Netjuke had this thing where you could go from a playlist to a zip of all the tracks, as a regular file download, which was neat and useful on occasion. Anything like this planned for slimserver? Aside from supporting the squeezebox, as a straight software package I think it's got a lot of potential...thanks for all the hard work.