View Full Version : Internet radio hangs

Mike New
2009-07-15, 09:31
Internet radio seems to work well unless the radio station broadcasts a header ("internet streaming is brought to you by..."), which is quite common on NPR stations. The header is played successfully, then I get a "rebuffering" message, and then the header replays after about 20-30 seconds. This behavior continues indefinitely.

If I paste the URL of an NPR station (taken from their website) directly into the playlist, it works fine.

The problem started a few days after I installed 7.3.2, which is also the first time I assigned Internet Radio stations to my Favorites list. It worked fine for the first few days, then stopped for a couple of weeks until I installed 7.3.3, which fixed the problem. After 3-4 days it stopped working again and reinstalling 7.3.3 had no effect.

Any ideas?

2009-07-18, 13:07
I had a similar problem (see my thread about Squeezebox Boom dropping Internet Radio), but not identical to yours, using radio stations via SqueezeNetwork. Don't know about the NPR issue (I avoid those guys like the plague) but it was repeatable on the stations I use.

Just yesterday I discovered that downgrading SqueezeCenter from 7.3.3 to 7.3-24241 (which I downloaded last December) fixed my problem immediately. When installed, the older SC also downgraded my Boom's firmware from version 47 to 40.

Since I was primarily using SN rather than SC, I think the firmware was the cause of my problem. I have not tried reinstalling 7.3.3 since then; just too happy to have it working again to fiddle with it.

Hope this helps you.