View Full Version : Trying to get BBC local Radio on Squeezecenter 7.3.2

2009-07-15, 07:18
Hi All

Having upgraded my DS207+ at firmware DSM2.1-0844 to Squeezecenter 7.3.2, I installed AlienBBC v2.5-7.3 via the settings plugin tab and restarted Squeezecenter.

I can hear no sound when I pick any AlienBBC station, either live or listen again.

I can hear national stations such as Radio 2 via my Squeezebox Internet Radio Local menu, but not local BBC streams.

When I go into AlienBBC, I can pick a station and it displays the station banner with a counting seconds value which continues to increment, but no sound is heard.

According to the AlienBBC settings, mplayer is installed, but I understand that I need to install mplayer for my Synology DS207+.

I can not seem to find the correct version of mplayer or where it should be installed.

Also, does anyone know why local radio is not available via the BBCiplayer menu, when I can listen online to local radio, via my PC?
Any suggestions appreciated.

2009-07-15, 08:44
BBC Local radio is still in RealAudio format and so you need a working version of mplayer.

I think SSODS ( http://oinkzwurgl.org/ssods )can provide a suitable version.

2009-07-16, 15:03
Thanks bpa for the reply, I may be getting this wrong, but does this mean I have to install SSODS as well as using the Squeezecenter installed version?

If this is the case, which directory will mplayer be in as Alienbbc is under //volume1/@appstore when installed as part of the download plugin from my Squeezebox.

2009-07-16, 15:24
Sorry I can't help - I don't know what SSODS does to a NAS system and whether the mplayer depends on SSODS or not.