View Full Version : Remote Control Presets - SB Classic?

2009-07-14, 16:58

How the heck do I do this?

Ideally, I want to press say, button #1 on the remote control and have it take me to a Rhapsody Genre Channel.

Can I do this?

I seem to have been able to do this for a Pandora station. Can I do this on Rhapsody? How?

Do I do it from the SB Classic remote or somewhere in SqueezeCenter? I'm running SC 7.3.3 on a MAC Running OSX 10.4


2009-07-15, 02:52
Longpress of the remote number buttons is assigned to your favourites in either squeezenetwork or squeezecenter.

So you have to configure wich ever you want as a favourite to choose it via longpress. (First favourite is number one, and so on...)

2009-07-15, 03:24
I don't know if this works with Rhapsody stations, but it works with most any station within Internet Radio or Music Services.
Try this within SC....

- Mark the station as a Favorite (heart icon)
- Go to Favorites Menu
- Get to Edit mode (should see the Pencil when you hover mouse over selected station)
- Click the Pencil
- Now you should see a drop down menu of 1 thru 10 to assign a Favorite number