View Full Version : slimserver IR codes and homeseer IR events-quick how to

max barker
2004-06-10, 13:34
Anyone using the xAP slimserver connector and the homeseer xAP conduit may find it useful to add a few "dummy" codes to slimserver. Codes which have no function within slimserver, but which are fully reported in a xAP message, and therefore easily responded to by homeseer.

To give you an idea of the the potential of the IR events, I've pointed a TEAC remote control at a slimp3 and armed and disarmed a comfort security system. It could as easily been an X10 device, CBUS, etc.
The actual process goes

TEAC remote ->
Slimserver ->
xAP slimserver connector ->
xAP message ->
homeseer xAP conduit IR event ->
homeseer event (based on comfort plugin) ->

The actual setting up of slimserver and the xap conduit took about 10 minutes, I'm sure that can easily be speeded up with familiarity.

With the awesome capabilties of the homeseer conduit, it's not an exageration that ANY homeseer connected device can now be controlled easliy by IR.

It's a surprisingly simple process, I've written up a short guide which James has kindly included on mi4.biz. You can find it here
in the guides section. Stuart will be including a nice HTML version with future downloads of the slimserver connector.