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2009-07-13, 03:30
I have 2 SB Classics, 2 Duets, and one Boom. The SB Boom is in my bedroom and is my clock radio in there. I usually have all of these synced with each other. I've run into some funky problems along this line and I can best illustrate it with what happened this evening.

I've been falling asleep to the TV lately, and last night wanted to turn on music on my Boom and fall asleep to that. Lately I've been listening to a few different RadioIO stations on my SBs and the one I use the most is the one in my study, a Duet.

Tonight I was listening to "Roots of Rock" on RadioIO on my Duet in my study. While the other 4 SBs were synced, they were all off. Then I shut off my Duet and went to bed. I turned on my Boom and tried to pick, from Favorites, the RadioIO "Jazz Standards." The connection timed out. Since I had seen similar problems recently, where a connection times out with one SB but not others, I hauled my carcass out of bed, went to my study and used the remote to turn the Duet on to "Jazz Standards" and it went on -- then I could hear it from the Boom as well. I turned the Duet off with no problem to the Boom.

This got my curiosity up, so I went back to the Boom and changed it to "Vocal Jazz," again on RadioIO. Again, connection time out. So I turned the Duet to "Vocal Jazz" and both SBs started playing that station. All was well, I turned off the Duet and the Boom still played on. Now I used the remote from the Duet, changed it to the Boom, and tried to change the Boom to another station from the remote. Again, it timed out. So I used the remote and set the Duet to that station. And, again, both started playing the same music.

I also experimented by taking the Boom off the sync with the other SBs. Still the same. I tried calling up the RadioIO streams from the Internet Radio menu instead of from Favorites. I tried another radio stream and it also timed out.

In short, I cannot pick any radio stream from the Boom without getting a timed out error. I have to pick that stream for the Duet and keep them in sync. I've had this similar problem in the past few days with another SB. I tried to pick a RadioIO stream and it would not start until I went to the Duet in my study and started it there. (This was on another Duet.) So it looks like, for some reason, I can only pick and start streaming radio stations from one SB, the Duet in my study.

I have found that I can pick a playlist or other music in my music library on the Boom. I just can't get any Internet Radio without a timeout.

I'm using SqueezeCenter 7.3.3. I know there's an update, but I'm not a quick updater for software (it's running on Debian Linux). I also didn't see a bug in there pertaining to Internet radio that seemed to address this in the new version.

At one point, once I started listening to streams instead of my own library, when I wanted to turn on an SB to what it was playing when I shut it off (or what the others it was synced to were already playing), I just hit the PLAY button on the Boom and the classics and hit the PAUSE button on the DUET remotes and it would turn that device on and play that stream. I don't do that, but I did start to notice a few funky things happening (that was a week ago, so I forgot what they were), so I changed to always turning each SB on and off instead of taking short cuts.

Any ideas what is going on here?

Thank yoU!