View Full Version : CPU 100% and gaps in music

Rob Studdert
2004-06-09, 17:58
On 9 Jun 2004 at 11:09, Clive Chater wrote:

> I have been reading through the emails about CPU 100% usage and gaps in
> playback and have been nodding my head in agreement and saying to myself "me
> too". So I thought I would add my comments too.

I'm going to have to add a me too to this thread. I generally use the web
interface with the Browse Music Folder pane visible (fishbone). But I have
noticed (unfortunately I'm not sure when it started) that when I click on the
Browse Songs or Artists lists there is generally a prolonged audio pause on my
SliMP3 and other clients along with the associated server CPU saturation (100%
on one CPU only) while the page is being built.

I am running a W2K server with the latest Windows nightly, the server is a dual
processor PIII 800 with 512MB of RAM, my library contains 10000+ tracks of self
coded MP3 files. I used to be able to play the same library without problems
(excepting initial scan times) with earlier versions of the server software on
my old Dual PPro 200 NT4 server which had only 196MB of RAM.

Buffer operations should be ensured precedence over interface updates/database