View Full Version : A few issues with the latest nightly.

Steve Martin
2004-06-09, 14:09
A few things I have noticed using the latest nightly on my iMac G4 800,
with a modest library of 2612 songs via iTunes integration.

Selecting 'All Albums' from the Artists menu often results in the
squeeze box reporting that it has lost contact with the server. This
seems to happen several times before finally the music starts playing.

Am I being unrealistic in thinking that I should not see the 'Problem:
lost contact message' in normal usage? I would have thought the server
should be able to prioritise, preventing starvation of the stream to
the SB.

I also seem to be able to crash the squeeze box by continuous scrolling
through the songs in a large playlist (for example when the above
finally returns). The SB shuts down and then goes through the
initialisation phase acquiring an ip etc.

Steve Martin